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Lord Krishna's words..
"who sees me in all things, and all things in me, is never far from me, and I am never far from him."

Swamiji's quotes..
"After all meeting is prelude to parting.."
The origin of a river and the birth of a saint are difficult to trace. Wherever might be its origin, rushing down from mountain tops the river winds its way along hills and valleys, forests and plains and flows incessantly towards the sea. A saint is also like the river heading relentlessly towards godhead against all odds, and in the course - inspiring, influencing, reviving and awakening people to their forgotten goal. We are extremely fortunate to be born as the contemporaries of Swami Sundara Chaitanyanandaji Maharaj who is one of the greatest cultural revivalists and religious teachers of our time awakening mankind with his clarion call to Self-realization. Swamiji is a saint of the highest order with great erudition in Indian scriptures, endowed with a rare combination of talents in oratory, literature, singing and music, architecture and landscaping - all helping him to fulfill his spiritual mission.

The talk flows with a graceful succession of sentences kindling flames of love, devotion and dispassion in the hearts of the listeners. His speech is jovial, sharp-witted, interspersed with jokes and anecdotes only to be highly instructive. Swamiji says “I make you laugh so as to make you think, ponder and dive deeper into the inevitable truths of life”. Occasional gales of laughter, cheers and applauses reverberate through the spell-bound audiences and the exulted and exuberant crowds throng him and make his exit impossible after each speech.

Swamiji’s accuracy of aim, clarity of diction and coherent analysis help us look at life from a wholly new angle and urge us to live life knowing its true value. Swamiji has conducted 200 gyana yagnas so far both in India and abroad, educating people at large on the intricacies of Sanatana Dharma. More..